What Is Chitika And What Is It Good For?

Chitika (pronounced CHIH-TI-ka) is an ad revenue sharing program. Meaning, it provides you with the possibility to make money from your blog / website / online content by placing Chitika ads on your articles and getting paid whenever one of your visitors click those ads.

True, Chitika is not the only service that allows you to do so. It is even not the most known one. Yet, it is one of the best, it not the best service. It is great for online writer who seek to leverage their content in order to make some money out of it, without charging

it directly from their readers / viewers.

So what turns Chitika into such a great service? What makes it much better than the rest?

There are several factors that turn Chitika into the number one ad revenue sharing program (in my opinion).

1. It is considered one of the big services out there. Therefore, it has a lot of publishers that will pay you in order to have their ad located in your blog. And once there is a large number of publisher it is easier for Chitika to choose the one that will both be the must appropriate to your content and will pay you the higher PPV (Pay Per View) or PPC (Pay Per Click) rate.

2. Unlike other services, Chitika publicly and clearly state what are its demands from your website (like: your website must be written in English), and once you stand in those demands it is very easy for your website to be approved for Chitika as publishing.

3. It has one of the higher PPC ratios among all the ad revenue sharing services. Some claims that Chitika PPV is even the higher one. However, I never run into a test that compared all possible services in order to be sure of it.

4. It lets you choose your payment method! And the most important thing (to most people): it supports PayPal! This, of course, makes it one of the most accessible services, since most people already have a PayPal account (or can open one for free in several minutes).

5. It has one of the lowest thresholds for cash

out profits. You can cash out the money the moment you earn as little as $10!

6. Chitika chooses the ads according to search key words. Meaning, if a visitor reached your page by typing key search in search engine – the ads will fit the words the visitor typed. This makes the ads much more appealing to the visitor and increases the change he will actually click them (and gain you money).

7. The biggest problem with ad revenue sharing programs is "click fraud" or "click manipulation". The services must defend themselves from it, it is understandable. However, not every "click manipulation" event is caused by the account holder. Sometimes it is just done by a bored child in the internet. Unfortunately, most services do not care. Once a "click manipulation" accrues in your account – you are banned. Chitika is much more reasonable about it. It understands it is not always your fault, so instead of banning you, it just remove the illegal profit from your account – a logical and fair solution.

8. It allows you to own your own affiliation program and integrate them into your Chitika account. Some people make hundreds of dollar a month like that.

9. The best thing: it does not force you to choose. You can use it with other services at the same time! Just be careful not to put too many ads in the same page – you do not want your visitor to consider you as a spammer.

10. It has a referral system that allows you to earn a few cents by referring other people to its program (we are not allowed to give referral links, so if you are interested in using mine just add .php?refid=tmrms at the end of the non-referral link I will give soon).

Join Chitika today!.

Good luck and happy publishing :)

Article Written By Ixodoi

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