The Meaning Of Numerology, Kabbalistic Numerology, And The Meaning Of The Numbers

Ever wonder about Numerology (the study of the number influence on human lives)? Question yourself what is the meaning of the numbers and what is it saying about you? You came to the right place.

Numerology is a fascinating thing. Some people live their entire lives according to this doctrine some claim it is actually a science, and others think it is a superstition. Yet, most people have no idea what it is. Read on to learn what Numerology is according to its believes, how it is related to the Jewish Kabbalah, and what the numbers say about you…

The word

The word Numerology is constructed of the words “Number” and “logic” which means knowledge or doctrine in Geek. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary is says this word was created in the 1911. However, its definition is not accurate (“the study of the occult significance of numbers”).

Numerology is “knowing the numbers” not in its mathematical meaning, but its symbolic one. Meaning, understanding the symbolic meaning of the numbers or the way ideas are symbol through the numbers. Numerologist is a person that deals with Numerology either as investigator or creator. Today this doctrine has a bad reputation since it is connected with charlatans.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient doctrine, based on the analysis of birth date using specific formulas, and giving an energetic interpretation to those formulas. Numerology offers a method to decipher energies and frequencies that lie inside the numbers that comprise your date of birth and formulas derived from it, and in fact it allows to interpret these frequencies into analyzing your personal characteristics, skills, occupations, living environments, couplings, and best timing to take desirable steps.

The ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who lived in the sixth century BC, is considered the father of the doctrine. Pythagoras assumed that everything can be translated into numbers, and basically everything is the epitome of a number or a numerical formula. He attributed this to the forces of nature, various phenomena in the universe, etc. Many ancient philosophers used numerological doctrine in order to predict future trends and events.

There is a big debate if Numerology is an actual science (as believe by Pythagoras) or a mystical – spiritual doctrine as it is referred to today. Most people believe it is merely a superstition. However, its greatest believers will argue it predicted a lot of trends, events and disasters, and is based on firmed formulas.

Jewish or Kabbalistic Numerology

Looking at the Jewish Bible you can see that numbers have a big meaning. Every Jewish is aware of the important power the numbers seven and 13 are holding. However, a deep study of the numbers and their meaning can only be found in the Jewish Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is an ancient system dating back to Babylon around 4,000 years ago. It allows us to understand the purpose of existence of man, why he was created, and where he came from. All of this can and should be revealed to us during the course of our lives in this world, here and now, not in another book or in another world which is disconnected from our reality.

“Kabbalistic Numerology” is a general name for many tools derived from Kabbalah and Jewish sources such as “Yezira” (creating) book, Talmud and more.

This method adapted values of Judaism and Kabbalah, adds the Hebrew date of birth to the person reading and interprets and directs various issues in our lives according to these principles. However, “Kabbalistic Numerology” is mainly attaching great importance to the person's name.

According to Judaism, the name of the person is connected to the root of his soul. The name we were given by our parents is representing, through letters and power conversion Numerology additional features to the ones we get from our date of birth, reference points in our lives, and our directed aspirations. In addition, according to the person's name and the names of his parents one can identify his destiny in this life and the amendment it is supposed to have in this lifetime. Designation and amendment together with his fate, derived from birthday, direct him in life.

The Meaning of the Numbers

Numerology or Kabalistic Numerology are very complicated and the believers usually go to a Kabbalist that know all the rules and can build them a “map” with all their data and “read” their life. However, it is possible to get some insight to this doctrine even with a simple measure such as calculating the number of your Hebrew birthday.

First sum your Hebrew birthday into a one digit number and now read what it is saying about you according to the Kabalistic Numerology:

Number 1:

In the first day G-d created the light, and by that he also created the darkness.

People with the number 1 are people who are not afraid of starting fresh and creating new things from start with no existing tools.

They are good at management, responsibilities; they have power and are “born leaders”. However, they have big ego and get hurt easily.

Number 2:

In the second

day to the creating G-d separated the water to create the sea and sky. This is also the only day that did not end with G-d saying his work was “good”. Therefore, this number represents separation and debates.

People with this number are good listeners, hate arguments, very aesthetic and good friends. However, they do not deal well with serious crises, tend to be dependent and suffer from extreme mod changes.

Number 3:

Third day of creation G-d created the grass, trees and fruits. This is also the only day that G-d says: “it is good” twice! Therefore, three represent the need for space, freedom and success (fruitful) in your work.

This is the “child number” – those people tend to be naïve, optimistic and always see the good thing in live and cheer everyone. They are creative people with big imagination, tend to make everyone around then look good as well. However, they get board fast.

Number 4:

The fourth day of the creating was the day G-d created the sun and moon. Therefore, those people are spiritual people that are still very much connected with the real world.

They are practical people, consistent and with great discipline. However, they will not gamble or take chances and will always “play safe”.

Number 5:

In this day G-d created the sea creatures. This is also the numerology equivalent for the Hebrew word “hearth”.

Those people will seep like water into your soul. This number represents the hearth and those people enter your hearth easily. On the other hand, they get hurt easily since they take everything personally.

Number 6:

In this day G-d created the animals, man and woman. The man and woman were created together (at first) to rule the land. Later the woman was separated from the man to be his helpmate – meaning: help in raising his spiritual level.

Six represent both hedonism from one side and family from the other. Those people will either be selfish hedonism people or great family members.

Number 7:

In this day the creating of the world was complete. The 7ht day was isolated from the rest and was given a special meaning.

Those people are isolated people that need their “alone time” and their “quite time”. In the same time this number represents the most powerful day of the week and the power of prayer – talk. Therefore, those people will be very charismatically speaker.

Number 8:

This day is the first day after the completing of the creating of the world. It is once again the “first day” of the week. Yet, now everything is already created. Therefore, there is a lot of common things between one and eight, only those people are already complete and ready to this world.

In addition, just like the boy is ready in his 8th day to unite with holiness while having his circumcision, people represented by this number also like to combine strong holiness elements in their lives.

They tend to be stubborn, good businessmen that are in peace with themselves.

Number 9:

This is the highest one-digit number. This is also the number of pregnant months. This number is highly connected both to the spiritual and material sides of life.

Mathematically – whenever we double nine with something we get nine, but in symmetrization it disappears.

Those people are extremely generous, and give so much until nothing is left to them. They can show-up and disappear easily, brave, fast learner, wish to help others and think a lot about the well-being of other people. In the same time they are perfectionists, get angered fast and with hot temperament.


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