Topline Passive Income - Earning Money Online While Doing Nothing!

Not that long ago if you would ask me if there is such a thing as passive income, or a way to earn money online while doing absolutely nothing, I would have said – dream on. Well I was wrong.

This article was written at August 1st. and it is still correct. However, there were several changes since then. Therefore, I will advise you to first read the article "Is Topline a Scam?" And only then continue to read this original article.

We all know there are many ways to earn money online while working from home. However, those ways demand

you to actually work from home! Or at least invest money. Every other “internet money opportunity” ended up being a scam.

However, lately I ran into something new – Topline. They promise to pay you for doing absolutely nothing, but surfing the web as usual. I was very skeptic, but I decide to check them up.

So what is Topline?

Topline is a program that demands you to install an add-on to your browser (Firefox or Chrome), and that is it!

This add-on does not (!) collect data about you, nor does it follow you. What it does is very simple. Every time you load a website, this add-on will replace all the ads in this page with other ads that belong to Topline advertisements.

So you will basically just do your regular thing, surf you regular sites, and in each page you will see the same number of ads. Only the ads will be different! There will be Topline’s ads.

And for giving them this opportunity to expose you to other ads (that you will probably ignore, like we ignore the ones right now) – they pay you!

For each ad that was switch (there can be several ads in each page) – you get a few points. Each 1000 points are equal to $0.75. Once you reach $10 you can cash-out the money to your PayPal account (there is also a possibility to ask for a check, but

I did not tried this option).

A few notes about Topline

  1. It will take you some time to reach the $10 threshold, although some people reported reaching it in 2 month time. I depends heavily on your surfing habits (how much do you do it, and in what sites).

    Nevertheless, this is an install and forget program. You just register an account, install the add-on and let it work for you in the background. I say even a cent is a nice gift (and I am getting much more than just 1 cent a day)

  2. Since this replaces the ads in the sites we visited, those sites owners do not earn ads revenue. So make sure to set Topline to be disables on expertscolumn or any other site you wish to support.

For conclusion

You wish to earn money from doing absolutely nothing?

  1. Go to Topline main website (please use my referral link: Topline site through my referral link).
  2. Register an account.
  3. Verify your account through email.
  4. Download the add-on and install it according to the instructions in the link they will send you via email.
  5. Login to your account in the browser.
  6. Keep on working regularly and forget all about it.
  7. Check it out every once in a while to see how your earning are building up.

A details explanation on Topline can be found here.


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