Geek Idioms

Ever listen to a computer geek conversation about a day-to-day topic and had no idea what they meant? Here are some common idioms used by geeks, their meaning and a sort explanation.

“He is just GIGO” – he is full of bullshit.
Explanation: GIGO = “garbage in garbage out” a term similar to FIFO (”first in first out”) and LIFO (”last in first out”) who are taken from the data structure field. The meaning is that that guy is so full of garbage that this is the only thing in his system..

“That guy was bitmapped” – this guy is stupid.

/> Explanation: bitmaps are old computer graphics that used only two colors – black and white, much lower than today standard.

“I defragged all morning” – I pretended to work hard while doing nothing useful.
Explanation: “defragmenting” is a term about reordering the hard-disk. It is a process that move data from one place in the hard-disk to another (the main reason is to improve the hard-disk efficiency, but is seems like just moving stuff around from one point to the other).

“He is out of the

stream” – he doesn’t know what is really going on.
Explanation: the stream is the “information stream” a term use in computers to indicate both input and output. If someone is out of the stream he doesn’t get input or output from the system.

“It is like choosing between a virus and a Norton” – It is like choosing between two bad options.
Explanation: Norton anti-virus is a massive program that “eats” many of the system resources. Sometime it is so “heavy” that it is almost worse then what an actual virus will do.

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