101 Definition, Or What Does 101 Means?

The term 101 is very common over the internet. It is used with almost everything. So what is the meaning of 101, and what is the origin if this expression?

If you are reading this article is means that just like me you probably ran too many times into the expression “101” and it made you wonder. What exactly “101” means and where did it come from?

101 meaning

The definition of 101 is “basic” or better yet – “introduction”. It is usually used when someone gives or asks for a “beginner guide” in order to teach or learn something new. So, “xxx

101” means an introduction or beginner guide for “xxx”.

Sometimes 101 meaning is altered a bit to reflect stupidity of someone and not just lack of knowledge.

The origin of the 101 expression

People invited all kind of complicated reason why 101 means introduction, but the truth is very simple – it is thanks to collage.

In most collages

around the word (aside from UK) courses’ numbers are 3 digits numbers when the first course number is 101 and the rest are of higher numbers.

Usually the first courses in collages are basic courses or introduction courses. Therefore, usually the basic / introduction courses’ numbers were 101.

This is how 101 became a code for introduction courses, and was later generalizes as an expression for all kind of introductions.

You can find some more references to this subject in the:

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