World War 3 Is Coming?

The world already experience two World Wars. Are we going to experience the 3rd one soon?  

The world already experience two World Wars. Are we going to experience the 3rd one soon?


After the First World War (WWI) no one believed there will be another one. After all is was a terrible war for all sides. However, the second one happened only a few decades later. After the Second World War (WWII) people were more skeptics and believed a third war is just a matter of time (especially with the tension between the Americans and the Russians). However, we had the cold war that ended up with no major countries actually fighting among themselves.

As times goes by

and we find ourselves further away from WWII, people found other worries and let go of the WW3 idea. However, lately it seems things are progressing in the wrong direction once more.

Experts predicted: Oil or Religious

When asked, a few years ago, experts predicted that world war 3 is just a matter of time and it will probably happen due to either oil or religious. Both things are actually quite reasonable.

A few years ago it seems that oil is starting to run out, and in an "oil-addicted" world, that barely has any alternatives for cheap energy source, war on the last available oil sources is more than a possibility. However, time had pass, scientists started to developed other, greener alternatives (that still cost more), and perhaps most importantly new sources of oil and gas were discovered.

Unlike with oil, when it comes to Religious it seems things are just getting worse every second. When more and more stable governments are replaces with national and religious parties that declare openly that they will enforce their beliefs and agendas and will remove "other kind" of people from their country.

In addition, more and more dangerous weapon is reaching unstable governments thanks to Russia, China and North Korea. This weapon might be misused by the governments themselves or might reach terrorists that will take advantage of this government situation.

Money makes the world go round!

However, ever due religious seems like a winning bet. Lately there is a completely new and old reason – Money. With the growing crises in Europe and US unstable economy the big fear is that a depress country will decided to "break the rules" and simply refuse to pay.


behavior might lead to a worldwide economic crisis that will lead to countries taking whatever resources they can and believe they own by force (i.e. using military to "take and protect"), which might accelerate very quickly to a global war on the world resources between the big nations

Is German leading the way one more time?

The new conspiracy theory claims that the only reason German is demanding the Euro countries to follow its reducing policy is since the Germans know it will hurt their economic even more. What will cause German to become even more powerful, and will turn it to the continent leader without even needing to fight this time.

However, this is a dangerous conspiracy, since German did not cause this situation, and did not wish for it. Also, do not forget that German is currently paying those countries bills using its own citizen's money. I believe the only reason German is insisting on this policy is since it helped German when it was in an economical crisis!

All the conspiracy theories only make people hating each other, which increase hostility and the changes of another war.


It seems that there are too many reasons that might lead us to another "big war". Yet, we must remember the reasons why not to have such a war – the terrible cost it takes from all sides and the fact that it is not really necessary!

In addition, do not forget that weapons become much stronger than they were in the past, so even the smallest country can cause terrible losses and paint to all others, and cause long-term destructions.

Let us hope that those reasons will be scary enough for the leaders that hold such powerful weapons, and it will make them think twice before going to war or using their weapons.

Article Written By Ixodoi

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  • slaneymark202  03-03-2017
    Not only is the world going to experience a World War Three, but it's going to experience another holocaust as well. This time it will be a worldwide holocaust that will destroy most of the remaining world. Islam will come to an agreement with the Anti-Christ, who is collaborating with the false prophet. The Pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church, is believed to be the one who carries out the One World Religion. What you don't know is that the Roman Catholic Church has always been pretending to be the true church, but they are actually are part of Hierarchy system of lower and inferior ranks, which is perhaps a separate religion from Christianity.
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