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SEO, networking, promoting - we all being there and done that. It is hard work, yet we must do it. A new website offers free 25 backlinks a day to a URL of your choice with no catches, will you say no?

It does not really meter it you write in Triond, Bukisa, expertscolumn, some other website or even your own blog – you must use SEO techniques and try to promote your work as much as possible in order to achieve more views. Since even if it is true that "content is the Kind", promotion is defiantly the Queen!

The website

SocialMonkee offers a great opportunity: Once a day you can submit a URL of your choice and get 25 unique backlinks to it. All you need to do is register to the website and fill some data on the article (so they can generate different backlinks). And remember is it all for free!

So far I used their

service for a few days and it already helped me to increase the page rank and number of views of several of my old articles. True, it did not double my views or something like that. Yet, even 20 views (for a dead article) in less than 5 minutes of work – is a great outcome. In addition, the increase in the page rank will, hopefully allows for more views in the near future.

Another great feature of this website is that they allow you to get golden membership for free (!), if you have at least 12 referrals. Golden membership lets you send 3 links a day and get 100 different backlinks to each article. So please join under my referral link, and start spreading the news using your referral link!

Good luck to us all!

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  • Fblaster  29-04-2014
    Though I understand it when you say these types of methods are the Queen, I don't really approve of it. When an article is good on its own, it will get the due attention. No backlinks can surpass that. And I don't really believe this site is doing all this legitimately.
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