Cell Phone Irradiation

Surely you know that cell phones emit stronger radiation when sending voice and text messages between subscribers of the operator.The risk for health has not been confirmed by assurance.Some of studies confirm the risk of tumor formation and behavior problems in children.As we know children are more sensitive to irritatation.Have you ever try put in the center on the table mass of a popcorn party and in a circle cell phones.In the moment in which clinks phones simultaneously popcorn start to crackle.It is beginning to illustrate the harmful radiation from mobile phones.

Will advise you a few simple and quick tips:


be primarily listeners in conversations as you strive to speak less and thus minimize exposure

- choose text messages (SMS) to the speech-to text message the phone is loaded 10 times less harmful exposure which is many times smaller. Like you keep your phone far from your head, at some distance from it

- use handsfree or speaker phone-irradiation of handsfree is insignificant, but some

models emit constantly so my advise to you is to take it down when you do not speak

- wear your phone far away of the body not in a pocket or on belt where soft tissue readily absorbs harmful radiation
- when you have a weak signal not talk much and stay away from phone because radiation increases as the phone tries to connect to the tower and increase its power

- last advice is to limit mobile phone use by children, communicating by cell phone of children must be in exceptional instances

- buy a phone with a low level of radiation-visit this site and check the level of exposure for your future phone

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Reference: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/cellphones

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