Will You "want" Me On Facebook?

According to reports, the social network is considering adding a new button that will help her know what we want to buy, and accordingly, will present a more accurate advertising. Like?

Thanks to the “Like” button Facebook already knows what interests us, but will the social network also know which products we would like to buy? According to the Inside Facebook site, Facebook explores the idea of adding a "Want" button in order to gather information on what its users want to consumer.

According to the report, the “Want” button will operate similarly to the “Like” button, but will show the

motivation to purchase something. Commercial entities will be able to insert a “Want” button in their website, and every time a web surfer clicks on it he will actually inform about his desire to purchase or receive the product.

If the new button does comes out, it will strengthen the

position of Facebook advertising. With it Facebook will be able to distinguish between the things we are interested in (and perhaps already own), and the things we are willing or desire to purchase. Based on this information, Facebook will be able to use direct marketing and thus increase the power of advertisning in it. An important step in view of the doubts expressed by some advertisers about the capabilities of Facebook to encourage sales.

Facebook has not confirmed nor denied the reports, and, according to ministry spokeswoman always looking for new additives. However, the social network must consider its steps since it is not sure that we want to consume in the same place where we socialize.

Article Written By Ixodoi

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