Why Males Receive Most Of Their Dna From Their Mother

You think your child looks a lot like his father? You might be right. Yet, most of his DNA if taken from his mother!

Our genome is split into 24 sets of double chromosomes. Each set contains two equivalent chromosomes that hold the same type of information and the same amount of DNA. One comes from the mother, and the second one comes from the father. However, there is one fair that is different, the fair that contains the "sex-chromosomes".

The sex-chromosomes

There are two types of "sex-chromosomes", the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes, while males have

one X and one Y chromosomes. Since females only have X chromosomes, we know for a fact that each male got his Y chromosome from his father, and therefore, he got his X chromosome from his mother.

The non-sex

chromosomes are of identical size and amount of DNA in both copies (in a healthy person), this is not the case with the sex chromosomes! X is much bigger than Y and contains a lot more genetic material then Y.

Females vs. Males

For all 23 non-sex chromosomes we all get the same amount from both parents. Yet, for the sex chromosomes, females get X from both parents, so again they get the same amount from each parent. Males, on the other hand, get the big X chromosome from their mother and the small Y chromosome from their father. Therefore, males get most of their DNA from their mother!

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