When You Play Video Games You Are Practicing And Improving Your Brain!

Are you a Gamer? It is Good for Your Brain! And according to an article by The Wall Street Journal: especially if you prefer violent games!

Gamers love these stories - which show positive, measurable effects of video games. Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this week that summarizes several recent studies that demonstrate such effects, correlation between performance in various mental areas and time investment in gaming, sometimes even an obvious cause and effect connection.

The article mentions the negative phenomena studies have attributed to computer games: obesity, a tendency to depression, introversion rest, reduced activity at the area in

the brain that are associated with emotional control, but only to contrast them with a variety of positive effects found in other studies.

For example, people involved in gaming react 25 percent faster than other people without a loss in accuracy. Skilled fast action gamers are even capable of six accurate choices per one second (!) - four times faster than the average non-gamer person. Details of this study were not given but it is

probably simple selection game.

Another study, conducted on 491 middle school students for three years, discovered that those that invested more time in gaming received better grades in a classic creativity test that required them among other things to draw a picture and write a story about it.

It is known from previous studies, that the most effective games in improving subjects’ measures were the violent, aggressive or at least more competitive games. "We do not know if the violence is important... We hope not," one researcher were quoted in the article. However, the message that comes out of the article is that without danger and conflict - perhaps they do not have to be physical - the brain does not release the materials that encourage rapid, survival and under pressure learning.


This is the link to the original article about Gaming and Brain improvment.

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