Want To Buy Happiness? You Will Need Money!

Extensive research conducted by the British Institute states that money is the main influences on a person's happiness. Just as important - there is no such thing as "too rich".

The British Daily Mail published a study conducted by the Institute of Economic Affairs Institute, that claims that "it became clear that the happiness of the people directly related to the value of their assets, and contrary to popular belief - people do not cease to become happier when they get some wealth threshold".

The study is based on data collected from more than 126 countries. The Daily Mail reported that this

research refutes the theory presented in 1974 by the expert Richard Aistrlin, which says that there is
a certain income level that when a person comes to it - he can not become happier. This new research also refutes the conclusions of a study conducted two years ago at Princeton University that claimed that once a person reaches a salary level of 58,700 pounds (about 90 thousand U.S. dollars) he could not become happier by salary increasing.

That study argued that even a 33% raise in wages in this case will not cause a significant change in the person's spirit, but according to research published today, a raise of 20% will have the same effect on humans, no matter their income level.

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