Using Digg The Right Way!

Digg is an interesting social network and platform for bloggers to share their views and socialize. The main idea is that people send their favorite links, and other people view them and rate them. If they liked the link they will "digg" it and if they did not they will "bury" it. As the link get more positive reviews it will reach higher in the "Top news" area and will be viewed by more people.

Digg also enables users to comment on submissions, and comments also get rated by other users. This enables a rich social network where you can

view the best articles and best comments on articles.

The problem is that when you are new to the community it might be hard to push your links, since no one know you, so your links will have low rates and will not be viewed at all. How do you solve this problem? Keep on reading...

Introduce yourself to the community

You want people to find you and your links, read them and follow you, in order to get fast access to your new submission. In order to do that you must make sure that:

1) Your profile will be seen.

2) Your profile will be attractive. So people that will see your profile will decided to follow you.


- Update your profile and bio. Many people neglect it, and it is a shame. People want to follow "close-mind" people. If they read in your bio that you have similar bio (such as you both have children) it increases the chance they will follow you. In my bio I like to add that I am a "co-digger" and "co-follower" (explained later), it helps in order to achieve new followers.

- Have an avatar. It looks bad otherwise, like you do not spend time in this community. Make sure it will be unique and will reflect you since many time people will recognize you by your avatar rather then by your name.

- Promote your Digg profile. This one is self-explanatory. You can do it using my "EasyHit and Digg" trick.

- Follow other users. When you follow someone - he know that, and there is a good change he will check you out. And, if your profile will be attractive he might even follow you.

Socialize with others

Digg is a social network. If you only send you links and spend no time in the community - they will notice it and will treat you as a spamer. On the other hand with a certain amount of activity people will begin to recognize you and will begin to follow your posts
How do you socialize?

- Post comment and take part in conversations. The person

that submitted the link and the people in the conversation will notice you, check you out and might even follow you.

- Digg other people submission. If you digg someone submission - he is informed about it (usually by email). Therefore, he is informed about your existence. However, if you are interested to attract the attention of that specific person make sure to digg his submissions, and not other people submission he "digged" or posted on since he is not informed about it. You can make sure to do that by going to the "submission" tab in his profile.

- Keep yourself active. If you are not active you are not seen by other people or worse, you are considered as a spamer which come to digg only to spread his own links.

- Share others stories rather than to share your own website stories. Again, show other people you are not a spamer. You share everything that interests you, not just your own work.

- Find co-diggers. Co-diggers are people that will re-follow (co-followers) you in exchange to you following them and will go through your list of submissions digging what interest them on a regular basis, in exchange for you doing the same for them. They are great to get you the first needed couple of votes, in order to put your links high enough for the rest to notice. Remember to Digg their submissions, not the posts they digged or commented on.


If you will use Digg's tool in the right way you can use this great social network to archive nice traffic of viewers to your articles and blog. I hope you find my tips useful, and of course if you have more tips - I will be happy to hear.

Good luck.

< This article is a short version that only contains part of the tips. For the full article with all the tips and explanation please follow this link. >

Article Written By Ixodoi

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