Url Shortening Services Is The Extra Money Really Worth It?

URL shortening services are services that allow you to redirect your users to ads before they are sent to your original link and in return you get paid a few cents or dollars per 1000 visitors.

There are several URL shortening services and the decision which one to choose vary among time, since they change their payment rate and get blocked from social networks many times. However, which service to choose should not be your first question. Your first question should be – Should you ever use them?

The main idea of URL shortening services

The main idea of those services is quite

simple. You will temp people to press your links with a promise of worthy things. People will press the shorten link, will view an ad and only than reach your landing page.

The shortening service companies get paid for the ads and it sharing a small percentage of its earning with you. So basically you are doing all the hard jobs of attracting visitors and they are earning most of the money.

However, want bother me is not the unfair division of profit. After all, all companies (online and offline) are working like that. What you should consider is the long term damage you are causing yourself by using URL shortening


The problem with URL shortening services

The problem with those services is also quite simple – no one likes to view ads! So when you use those services you are forcing your visitors to do something they do not like! This might upset them and make them live your site. Meaning – you will lose traffic! Traffic you were working so hard to achieve!

In addition, most of the times when you share links (in your site, social network, etc.), it is because you want people to follow them! You work hard to make them attractive and convince people to press them. However, once they press them – they are redirected to a website full of ads. Most of them will probably close the browser and will not press your links again!

So, for a few cents you are cutting down your own traffic and putting a bad reputation to yourself. Therefore, if you want to be considered as a professional or at least serious online writer / marketer / site owner you should not use URL shortening services.

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