Tweet Your Articles To Improve Your Search Engines’ Rank!

Aside from writing in Expertscolumn I also write in Triond. Actually Triond is where I first started to write. Therefore, I already tried most of my promoting tools on my Triond articles.

One of the first tools I tried was Twitter, and I found it to be very unaffected. Therefore, I never gave it much more than just one tweet once and awhile.

However, lately I joined a self-tweeting group in Facebook, and they revealed a very interesting fact to me: while Twitter is highly unaffected for Triond, it is extremely beneficial for Expertscolumn!

Every time I tweet one of my EC articles

I get about 10 views immediately (and more are following). This phenomenon interested me so I started checking. It turned out that most of those instance views did not come from my followers, but from search engines! It is a known fact that different search engines scan twitter and use the links
tweeted in order to improve their service. The interesting thing is that they give such an attention to links from expertscolumn.

First this show that expertscolumn is considered a good source to high quality content! Which I guess we should thank the moderators for!

Second this means that if you will post links to your expertscolumn articles in your twitter account it will make them indexed faster and might even increased their rank in the different search engines!

Yet, even with this information is still think that the best way to promote your articles is to use Digg and Reddit!

If you are not a member of expertscolumn – I guess it is time to join!

Article Written By Ixodoi

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