Stumbleupon Gold Categories, Or Why Stumbleupon Worth Your Time

All online writers use stumbleupon in order to publish their work, and all say it is not such a great views bringer. However, maybe you just used it for the wrong type of articles...


I am publishing online content for over 5 month now, and slowly over time I discovered more and more promoting tools and social networks it is worth to invest in in-order to increase my number of views. I even shared those tools with you.

Over time I discovered that the first site I know about - stumbelupon is giving me the worse results. And it was not just

me. I noticed that almost all online writers say the same thing - StumbelUpon is not working. Therefore, I never gave it too much though, and was happy with the few 10s views I got from it.

However, something had changed my mind. 20th May started as a regular day at work. Until a group of C programmers that just recently started to learn C++ programming started a debate about the comparison of two programming tools (Template vs. Void*). Since I am both a C programmer and a C++ programmer - I immediately explained to them the differences between the two and which one is better.

The newbie programmers were so happy with my explanation that they called all our other new co-worker and asked me to explain it again. I happily did so in the first, second and even third time. However, then I decided it is taking too much of my time, so instead of explaining it again. I wrote it down and published it here on expertscolumn (Template vs Void*).

My next move was to send the link to all the worker who ask for an explanation, and it was nice to get

a few more cents out of them :).

Later I thought why not promoting it in the regular way? So I sent it to StumbleUpon. Immediately afterward I noticed I am getting a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon to this article! Much more than usual! I started wondering about it, and then I understood - it was the first time I sent an article to this category (programming).

This made me understand - StumbleUpon can bring us a lot of views, if we are sending articles to the right categories. Most of the articles I sent till today were to abstract categories. However, I believe that if we will have articles in specific expertise and will send them to this category we can get a very nice number of views from StumbleUpon. It turns out StumbleUpon has "gold" categories. Meaning, it has categories that have lots of follower who are interested in this field and generate lots of view on articles in this subject. We just have to discover them.

So right now I have over 700 views (and the count keeps going up) and I earned over $1 from StumbleUpon on an article I wrote in 5 minutes just to make people leave me alone...

It turns out StumbleUpon is just like any-other social network - you need to discover where everyone likes to be - and send your relative work there!


The article that successed in StumbleUpon:

- C++ Programming: Templates vs Void*

Article Written By Ixodoi

Last updated on 21-07-2016 141 0

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