South Beach Diet: Eat Carbohydrates And Lose Weight Fast

If you want to lose weight fast, but can not do without carbohydrates – you should try the South Beach Diet. The downside: Most of the initial drop in weight is due to fluid loss.

This diet, developed – by the cardiologist American Dr. Arthur Agtston, belongs to a group diets moderate in carbohydrates and high in fat and protein. Most of the principles of this diet are also shared with the Atkins diet. The basic goal is to reduce the creating of insulin – by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and thereby reducing the potential for storing fat. This potential,

which used to survival, no longer needs today and is hurting everyone that try to reduce its weight.
In this diet carbohydrate’s quality is ranked according to its Glycemic index. The diet focus on carbohydrates with low Glycemic index and high contents of dietary fiber, which increases the feeling of satiety. In this diet we also make differential diagnosis between the groups of fat, and the recommendation is to consume unsaturated fats with no trans fats. Diet is divided into three stages; each stage varies the amount of calories, their contents and quality.


- In the first stage a sharp drop in weight is seen due to low energy intake and a sharp reduction in the amount of carbohydrate intake. Such reduction in weight encourages people to continue with the diet.

- Emphasis on carbohydrates with low Glycemic index and eating lean proteins and healthy fats is a conventional way in modern medicine to promote a healthy diet process in particular and healthy lifestyle in general.

- Increased protein consumption contributes to a feeling of fullness and prolonged it.


- The diet’s first phase contains very few calories and a very limited consumption of carbohydrates. As a result, most of the weight loss is due to fluid loss and a decrease in carbohydrates (glycogen).

- The limited carbohydrate intake in this diet increases the

risk of nutritional deficiencies. You must be tracked carefully to avoid it.

Important to know

- Out of all diets that restrict carbohydrates, this one is the most user-friendly. Although in the first stage the amount of carbohydrates is limited, and this may be difficult. However, the later carbohydrate addition is of high quality, though perhaps not sufficient in quantity.

- Recommendations concerning the consumption of proteins and fats is the acceptable recommendations food quality, although the relative amounts of the overall menu is larger than usual.
- This varied diet is mainly for person who feels that a lower consumption of carbohydrates suits him.
- In the process of weight loss, this diet seems to have an advantage over other low in fat diets.
- The diet causes a more significant improvement in measures of blood lipids and cholesterol, then other such diets.

The diet and physical activity

In the first stage the avoiding of carbohydrates may interfere with physical activity and muscle recovery. In later stages there is no obstacle to any type of exercise depending on your health and your overall feeling

If you are looking for a different kind of diet, you might want to check out the DASH diet (a diet that also helps reducing your blood pressure).

Since diets can be very depressing, you might find some comfort knowing that eating a cack for breakfast can help you reduce weight!

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