Searching For Jobs In Canada

No. This article is not about what you think. It is not about actually searching for a job in Canada. This article is about why people are searching for the phase "worst jobs in Canada" is search engines!

As an online writer I try to keep my eyes open for subjects that drawing attention and readers. Therefore, as a Triond writer I usually look at the "Top Phrase search" for the last 30 days. So I was very surprise to see that the result in the second place (and it is sticking with this location for several weeks now) is

"worst jobs in Canada".

I wanted to check it out so I went to Google AdWords and check their statistics. It turn out that a lot of Canadian people are searching what is the worse job in their country. And I ask: why?!

I could understand people searching to know what the best job is or the top jobs are (since they will want to direct themselves or children in this direction). Or even check what is the state of the employment in Canada. Yet, why will people want to know what are the 10 worse jobs in Canada?

If people are actually working in those jobs – what will that knowledge gives

them? (Aside from depression). And if they do not work in those jobs – does it means that they are somehow better? Or that their lives are better? Should they feel superior?

In addition, who get to decided what the best / worse job is? What parameters are considered? Payment factors? Environmental factors? What about the joy the person gets from his job?

I think people should stop searching what is the worse / best / top job according to other people and start thinking how happy they are from their lives, and what can they do to become happier in their own eyes.

Oh and just in case you were wondering: The best job in Canada (or at least the best paying one) is a cardiac surgeon. The worse job, on the other hand, is Roustabout. Their payment might be high for an unskilled person, yet it is a life threatened job that forced you to be isolated for long periods of times.

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Article Written By Ixodoi

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