Research: Hearing "false Rings" Is Caused Due To Smartphones Addiction

A new British study found a direct relationship between obsessive smartphones using and the pressure levels of workers.

According to a new research presented few months ago at a psychology conference in Britain and published in the "Daily Telegraph": Smartphones are so addictive, that many users feel "false vibration" because they are desperate to receive text messages and new updates.

Smartphones are designed to help the people in the workload, by allowing them access to emails and reminders even when out of office. However, many users are so obsessive about email and social networks, that the smartphones created the opposite effect

and made them more press, and in many cases even imagine ringing or vibrating.

The researchers based their study on a survey and pressure tests conducted among more than a hundred volunteers, including students and workers in a variety of subjects.

The results show an association between the use of smartphones and the stress levels of participants, regardless of their concerns. Is also showed a direct link between stress and the average number of times participants checked their phones, as most stressful subjects even imagine false rings.

Richard Boulding of the University of Worcester, who led the study, said that employers should seriously consider the burden of smartphones loaded on their employees. "Companies will not succeed if their employees are stressed, regardless of source pressure," he said. "So they should encourage employees to turn off the phones, cut the number of emails sent outside of office hours, and reduce the temptation to test the device," he added.

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