Reducing Electricity Usage

You are getting an outrageous electric bill? Your electricity usage is extremely high? Here are some tips to help you use less electricity and pay less money on it.

It is advisable to reduce our electricity usage to the possible minimum. Producing electricity is (mostly) bad of the environment, and it is polluting our air. In the same time electricity bills are just getting higher and higher, while more and more of our day to day appliances consume electricity, so this is very bad for our pocket as well! Here are some tips how to drastically reduce your electricity consumption, what

will help both the environment and your pocket.

The best way to do so it to use your electricity appliances wisely! Here are several tips you can use right away to reduce your electricity bills:

Water Heaters

Often, the amount of time we leave the boiler switch on "on" is longer than necessary to heat the actual amount of water consumed. As a result - and the rest of the hot water in the boiler cools and created a waste of energy (and money).

In order to prevent it - make sure that the amount of water consumed will dictate the amount of operating time. Hence it is recommended to evaluate the amount of water consumed by all household members and to experiment different length of operating time till you find the best time length.

Make sure to have thermal insulation of the tubes that carry water in order to prevent unnecessary heat loss. In sunny places it is advisable to use solar panels. In order to maintain the efficiency of the solar panels make sure to clean them at least once a year. When the solar system is in common with all the tenants of the building - the valves should be closed when you run the water pipe heater in order to prevent "brain" of hot water to the neighbors' boilers.

Air conditioning

When you run the air conditioner you need to close all the windows and doors. Also, be sure that the airflow from the air conditioner will be free, without interruption of objects such as curtains, shelves or cabinets, which can block the airflow.

Avoid setting the thermostat to the maximum level - one temperature degree change can lead to a change of about 5% of electricity consumption of air conditioning. At the desired temperature is 77 degrees F (around 25 C) in the summer and 66 degrees F (around 20 C) in the winter.

Avoid heating / cooling rooms that are empty for a long time, and when you leave

the room for a long time, stop the air conditioner. Make sure to follow the device instructions in order to maintain the device efficiency.


Preferred energy-saving bulbs and used accessories such as switches, alarm clocks and dimmers wherever possible. In addition, preferred natural light, be sure to use appropriate lighting bodies, and Keep the bulbs, lighting fixtures and the environment.

Using bright colors (that reflect light) for the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture, can reduce consumption as well. Another important tip - the energy that goes into lighting eventually becomes heat, reducing the interior lighting power consumption also leads to further reduction of air-conditioning power consumption.

Washing Machines

Turn on the machine only at full capacity (average capacity of a machine - from 4.5 to 5 kg), but without too much compressing. Since it is more economical to operate a machine at full capacity - try to avoid washing programs designed for half the quantity.

In addition, operate the pre-wash program only with very dirty laundry - operating without prior washing saves about 20% of electricity consumption. And the last tip - the lower the washing temperature is - the less electricity is being consumed.

Cooking, baking and roasting

Power consumption of ovens is affected, among other things, by the number of times that you open the door to check the food, the heat pretreatment levels before the insertion of foods and more. To conserve, you should choose a stove with a "turbo" program, which allows cooking, baking or roasting of a number of foods at once, without opening the oven door when grilling.
In addition, avoid pre-heating of the oven as long as they are not required in the recipe, do not open the door while you work and stopped the operation for about ten minutes before the end of the process to take advantage of heat remaining in it to complete the cooking. If possible, use a microwave or toaster oven that consumes less power.

Proper selection of electricity appliances

To reduce electricity consumption it is very important to choose the ones that consume less energy in advance. Always check the energy marking of each appliance and be sure to choose the one with the best marking (A).

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