My Very First Zazzle Sell!

Right now I am very excited since I just find out that today I sold my first product in Zazzle!


I first heard about Zazzle about a month an a half ago from Christine. I was very excited about it and immediately registered. I started to design my own products and even opened my own store.

However, aside for a few designs and promoting tools, I did not have a lot of time for it, and so I did not invest as much as I should.

Therefore, I was not surprised to see that I failed to sell anything, since I know I

do not really try that hard. I kept promising myself I will get back to it later.

However today, just before I was going to end this day I noticed I got an email from Zazzle that informed me about my very first sell. It seems that I sold one of

my postcards!

Wow, I made it so long ago I completely forgot about it, and about this beautiful picture. I hope that this sell was just the first one out of many, and it sure did make me want to go back and design a few more stuff.

Thank you for reading :)


Interesting links:

- My Zazzle store.

- The postcard I sold.

- My Zazzle Facebook page. (feel free to post your Zazzle products on it as well).

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