Most Facebook Users Are Selfish

Like, Share, labeling a picture: When was the last time you did something for someone? A new study reveals that most Facebook users enjoy great virtual treatment, but rarely give the same attention to their friends.


Finally the answer to the question, what is so good about Facebook was found: New research reveals that most social network users are treated much better than the virtual treatment they give back. The study conducted by the "Pew Research Center", a non-profit research institute reveals the average user is more liked, private messaged and suggested for companies - than he himself suggests.

The study found

that Facebook contains a relatively small group (20% -30%) of heavy users (which they call the Power Users) who specialize in various tasks: Some offer more "friends" suggestions from others, some label pictures more and some clicks liked a lot. And this group is actually responsible for the flow of oxygen throughout the network.

According to data collected during a month it is shown that 35% of study participants were tagged on photos, but only 12% even bother to tag friends. Average surfer clicked the "Liked" button 14 times, but received an average

of twenty liked. Average surfer sent nine private messages but received 12, and 40% offered friendship while 63% received a friendship offer. The Telegraph pointing out the similarities between results of this study and another study conducted last year and dealt with Twitter. In the Twitter research the researchers found that 50% of all tweets shared on Twitter formulated by Elite twenty thousand users, although the site had over a hundred million registered users.

"You still get all these wonderful positive awards," says Professor Keith Hampton, the lead author of the study. "So it is very difficult to leave." The heavy user group provides emotional support that does not require a return, and who will want to break up from such a thing? That is probably why the study found no evidence for the existence of a trend whereby users fed up with Facebook. On the contrary, as users spend more time on Facebook he updates his status or pressing Like on the content of a higher member more often than before.

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