Starting Your Day Right

Do you believe if you start your day right, everything will be alright? Everything will be alright....everything in life will be alright. How great is that?

If we are to choose between problems and blessings of course we will all go for the blessings and as much as we could --run from problems if there's a way out.

One thing I realized recently is that like what I heard before during one devotion time that blessings and problems are combined together in a day. That means to say, you can experience problems and blessings all in one day.

Then I realized it can

be true. At some point in the morning you feel alright, your doing great but then in the afternoon something bad occured that ruined your day.

I certainly believe God is a generous God and everyday in the spiritual realm, the blessings are up for grabs meaning free to be taken by anyone on earth. whether you think or seem to say that you look like a "loser" but in the spiritual realm there is a box of blessings really waiting for you. The problem with us is that we don't know how to receive these blessings everyday from God. Another problem is that, as these boxes are hanging up there---the Devil is also waiting below to grab them up for you-remember his plan? -- to kill, steal and destroy-John 10:10.

Therefore, you have loads of blessings everyday up there in heaven but the problem with us is that we don't start our day right. I realized that you cannot block problems, challenges, difficulties and issues in life everyday. God allows them to mixed together with your blessings. He has a purpose for that too and that is to see if you deserve the boxes of blessings or not. Problems and blessings are intertwined together everyday so just expect them, don't be shock, don't be surprised, don't be terrified. Expect problems or bad luck just waiting there in the corner.

Now, our blessings everyday definitely can be block by loads of demonic forces which one thing you need to check out if life seems heavy for you. The first thing important to do when you wake up is to pray and give

thanks. Even if you have a depressing situation in life, when you start your day with praise and thanksgiving, you will surely get God's attention by that and drive away demonic forces at the same time.

I actually make some hand gesture in the morning like I am receiving those boxes of blessings and I hand gesture that I am shooing away bad lucks in life. I am saying that even if the day is not over, I will be thankful for whatever I will be receiving today.

Now even if you do these and problems or crisis still falls down on you, it may have a special purpose to. Everyday it is important to ask for special covering or hedge of protection from the Lord to every possession we have in life as we know there are another opposing forces that are actively at work to to sabotage your blessings.

Times comes when the Lord will actually draw or take away the hedge of protection or his mighty hand of covering from you and even withhold some of your blessings in heaven if He is not pleased with your life.

The point is, blessings are up for grabs everyday but you need to fight for it in the spiritual realm and also when difficulties come don't be surprised or lose hope. At times God will allow boxes of problems just to test you and after you pass the test a much bigger better box of blessings are on the way actually.

See, all of us has special blessings everyday that sometimes we took for granted. There is no one on earth that has no blessings, there is no loser on earth you just dont see them and you just forget to unlock the blessings the right way. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases...they are new every morning. Have a blessed day!


Article Written By Ixodoi

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