Love Two Years On Drugs And The Rest Is Friendship And Communication!

Many People today get divorce or leave their spouse after a few years since they do not love him/her as they did before. What they do not know is that it is a natural process that will repeat itself in all their future relationships as well.


Many researches have already proven something we all know – people "in love" are actually drugged. Yes, this is not a mistake! In the first two years of a love relationship the couples' brains look like the brain of a person on drugs. It seems that when we say that there is chemistry between them,

it has more than one meaning.

Those chemicals make us feel good about ourselves and our spouses, and when we feel good we tend to ignore several small irritating behaviors our spouse may have. We see it as a small and unimportant thing.

However, our system cannot stay consistently in a "drugged" condition, so as time goes by, we have less and less of those chemicals in our system, and about two years after we "fall in love" we are back to our normal "non-drugged" self. This is the test point and the crisis point of most

couples. Now all the irritation behaviors are not hidden behind a good feeling, now our biology does not turn us closer to our spouse, and we are back to be more loyal to ourselves.

The first two years are the chemical "honeymoon". What comes later is entirely depending on the couple – how well they can communicate one with the other and how strong their friendship is.

A lot of couples will find themselves breaking up at this point, and it means that their connection was merely a chemical-biological relationship, and once the couple was back to its normal self they could not really maintain the relationship.

In additional, individuals that will break up at that point since they "do not feel the same as before" are actually delusion themselves, since they will never find a relationship that will makes them feel "in-love" (or drugged) for much longer, since our body just cannot afford being drugged all the time.

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