How To Use Reddit The Right Way

How to use Reddit? If you do not know this social network you are probably asking – why should I use Reddit? Well the answer is simple – Unless you want your post to go viral – you should not…

Reddit is one of the most active social networks out there. Stories posted there are either buries in seconds or turn viral and spread all over the internet by dedicated redditors (Reddit's users). If you have interesting stories or news and you want some traffic to them – you need to get to know Reddit!

Yet, Reddit is not a simple

post and forget social media. If you will try that approach you will be ban in seconds. If you want to be able to fully use Reddit's viral effect – you need to know how to use Reddit correctly. And this is where this guide comes in handy...

In reddit there are only 2 important things:

  1. Following the rules!
  2. Karma points.

Reddit structure

Like many other social bookmarking site, reddit has categories and each reddit you send should be place in one of those categories. Those categories are called "sub-reddits" and each sub-reddit has its own name, moderators and rules.

Following the rules

Reddit is a very non forgiven community. If you failed to follow the rules or you are suspicious in being a spammer - they will ban you immediately. And once ban - there is no returning or appealing - your account is lost. Therefore, it is very important to follow the rules - reddit's rules and the rules of the sub-reddit you are posting / commenting in.

Some sub-reddit will demand you to add special words in your title; others will demand you not to use special words in the titles. Some will demand you to only send outside links, other will demand only self-reddit links. Therefore, you must always read the sub-reddit rules before becoming active in this sub-reddit.

Ban accounts and limited accounts

Reddit hates spammers therefore you are limited in the number of articles you are allowed to send per a specific time period. If you send too many links you will get a warning that you are sending too many unsuccessful links and you must wait for a while before submitting new ones.

If your links will get "upvote" (people likes them) you will be allowed to send more articles. However, if you send many unsuccessful links (or links that get many "downvote") you will probably get ban.

Reddit does not informed you that you are ban - it simply does not let you post new links and prevent people from being able to see your comments or profile. If you are not sure if you got ban or not: just sign-out of your account and try to view your profile page. If you see a "page not found" image - you are banned please except my sympathy.

Karma points

There are two types of Karma points:

  1. Link karma points.
  2. Comment karma points.

Comment karma has no effect what so ever on your account. It is just a way to show how much people like your comments. People like to collect them in order to show that they a vital part of the community. However, unlike link karma, they are just there to make you "look good".

Link karma, on the other hand, is vital for your account. The system decided if you are a spammer or not by the ratio between your link karma and the number of links you submitted to reddit. Also as your link karma is higher:

  1. You will be able to send more links per day.
  2. It is more likely that your submissions will make it to the "hot" list.
  3. It is more likely that people will follow you and view your submissions (which is why we are here to begin with...).

So our main goal is to reach and maintain a high level of link karma.

Increasing and maintaining your link karma

You start with a link karma of one, and you must increase that ASAP. Therefore it is important:

  1. Never send more than one link at a time. You must wait and make sure that each link is increasing you karma - or you will get ban. Start from one link a day and build on according to how fast your karma increases. Be careful - you
    must remember that your karma might decrease as well.
  2. Do not send your own links. Your links are less known and it is less likely they will get you the upvotes you need. You must find a good and interesting link to send. A link that there is a great change that will be found interesting by many people in the reddit community.
  3. Never start from the main sub-reddits. The main sub-reddits like "WTF", "News", "WorldNews","Politics" and etc are receiving hundreds of submissions per several minutes. Therefore, your submission will probably get lost there and people will not notice it. I suggest you will find a small sub-reddit with a small number of submissions. Learn this sub-reddit well and find out what kind of links the reddit followers of this sub-reddit like. Now send them those kinds of links.
  4. When your karma start to increase allow yourself to send reddits to more mainstream sub-reddit. However, always make sure to maintain your small sub reddit in order to be able to rebuild and continue in increasing your karma, in case the more mainstream sub reddit will failed you.
  5. Now is the time to start and send your own links to reddit. However, keep an eye on your karma and keep on sending other links that will get your karma higher.
  6. Have friends. The only thing in the reddit profile that can help you improve your state is the "friend" feature. Since "Friend" is a sub-reddit that contains all the submissions of your friends. Therefore, if someone is a friend of ours it is more likely this person will notice your submissions and maybe even give you an upvote! However, friendship is not mutual. Even more - when you add someone as your friend - this person does not know about it. Therefore, it is important to send a PM (private message) to this person and inform him that you really like his submissions and you are adding him as a friend so you can continue to follow him, and you hope he will find you interesting as well and will follow you as well.
  7. Form or join a co-upvote group. It is very helpful to have a group of people with mutual understanding that you are trying to help each other. Such group will contain members that will be mutual friends and will follow each other. Each member will scan the other members' submissions and upvotes the ones he likes. In those groups there is an understanding that members do not downvote other members' submissions. Notice that forming such a group with people you do not know from outside of reddit is hard since you have no idea it they will play a long with you or instead mark you as a spamer. This is why it is important to first verify you share mutual interests. Once you locate such people PM them about your plan to form a co-reddit group and wait for replay.

I hope those tips will help you in getting your karma up and your links will gain many views thank to the reddit community.

Good luck :)

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