How To Take A Good And Interesting Picture

You got up in the morning, went online, and as you scroll through Facebook or Google+, your eye caught with a picture that made you stop it all and response. What caught your eye? Can you take a picture at the same level and even more? Here are some tips for taking the perfect picture.

Our eyes and visual system are already used to the shapes, colors and angles that surround us every day. In order to "catch" their attention we need some variant. In order to catch someone eyes you need to surprise them.

Take a surprising picture

1. Use an

unusual angle. Picture it from above, below, or through another object. Picturing the object from a low angle will increase the object and makes it dominant the picture; while a picture taken from a higher level will decrease its domination over the picture.
Picturing an object through another object might change the entire perception and bring a completely new meaning to the picture subject.

2. Find a new Location. This point speaks for itself. Most pictures are taken is familiar places. Find your own private corner - where no one take pictures in and use it. Remember - the most surprising places are right anther our nose.

3. Use the view to create an interesting geometrical shape. Combine several different objects together to create a new one. Try to create a collision between objects with straight lines and objects with curved lines.

4. Use the colors wisely.

Make sure you picture is attractive, but do not forget that to mixing color too much hart the eyes, and you want people to enjoy looking at it.

Use the picture to tell a story.

1. Objects interaction. Interaction between the objects in the picture will leave room for person understanding of the picture.

2. Make yourself invisible. If you become past of the even, you will become unnoticeable for the participants. This is the time you can take the most meaningful pictures of all.

3. Stand-out. This section is a contradiction to the previous one, but personal stand might also affect the area and lead to interesting story. Therefore, it is in your hand to decide if you prefer to be part of the story or not.

4. Follow your imagination. Using composition, angles and colors you can tell a great story in one small picture. As you practice it more - you will get better results.

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