How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Nowadays, too many couples find themselves ending their good and loving relationships just because they did not know how to maintain them while they still had a change to save them.

Two different people

The first thing to understand in a relationship is that it contains two different people that need to live and decided things together. It is not a "one man show" anymore and you must always take that into account in every decision you are making, no matter how small and insignificant it is. As time goes by there will be things you will already know what the other

one think about them or you will decided to split things between the two of you, and then you can go back to making some decisions that involve both of you alone. However, only in the small and insignificant stuff!

No one should force himself on the other. Everything should be acceptable on both sides. This does not mean you should not sometimes "give up" on your wish for the other side. On the contrary, compromising is the base for good and long lasting relationships. However, it is important that the compromising should be from both sides and that it will be out of good will. If only one side keep compromising, while the second one gets everything he wants – this is indicating that that relationship will end badly!

Life keeps on going

The second thing that couples need to understand is that life goes on and people change. They cannot expect situation to stay as it was in the first couple of weeks of their dating period. At first they were trying to impress each other. However, now when there are together they have responsibilities and commitments, so things will be a lot less nice. However, they should still aim to

make their spouse feels as good as possible and do the maximum they can to make him feel good about the connection. Of course, they should do it out of their own desire, and without hurting themselves in the process.

Communication and trust

Above all other, what helps to maintain a good relationship is communication. If you maintain an open channel with your spouse and you talk about what is going on in our life and what is bothering you, you will drastically decrease the amount of fights you have since one of you fail to understand the other one, or did something that hurt him. Also if you are communicating with each other you will be aware of the changes you undergo as separate humans and as a couple, so things will not come to you by surprise.

Of course trust goes hand to hand with communication. If you talk about everything – you trust each other. And if you trust each other you will not envy or fight over nonsense.


Always remember your spouse is a separate person, consider his will and wishes, keep your eyes open to see what he is going through, listen and talk to him and of course trust him. If you will do it all, than you know you did the best you can to maintain your relationship since you truly love him. And if your spouse will do the same – you will have a caring, loving and healthy relationship that will hold for many years to come.

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