How To Improve The Quality Of Your Picture

In the first part of this article (link in the end of the article) we talked about the content of the picture and how to make it unique. This time we will focus on other important aspects in making our pictures good, such as technique and photo editing.


Many people think that if the content of their picture in unique then the look of the picture is only secondary. This is a horrible mistake! If you picture is fuzzy or hazy - it hurts the eyes and as we said in the first part of this article - nobody views hurting


Even if you get to view a historical moment - if you zoom will be on the wrong place - you picture does not worth a nickel! In order to be prepared for any event, you must understand and control the camera! Remember every camera is a bit different - learn it well and it will give you the ability to control the final outcome just as you imagined. Changing variables such as aperture, shutter, ISO and adjusting parameters such as white balance and focus to your images will take care of correct exposure, sharpness and color correct.

Take your time and learn how everything works. There is no need to study the physics and photon-level equations to get involved, but it is certainly worth exploring, reading and learning the technique to take better picture. In addition practice as much as you can since practice make it easier for you to do the right adjustment quickly.

Dark room and Photo editing

In the past in the process of film development we had to use a "dark room" and to find the suitable level of brightness, color saturation and contrast. Today it is much easier and everyone who wants to finalize his pictures can do it easily. Free software like Picasa and professional ones like LIGHTROOM will help you edit your pictures and give you simple tools to bring your photographic level to the maximum.

Some might say that the pictures processing software distorted the original image and is "illegal". Sorry to

disappoint them. Today, programs like those mentioned above and Photoshop have become an integral part of the routine work of professional and amateur photographer alike. Some completely change the picture others are more faithful to reality. But eventually they all enhance the source. After all it is possible, and it works fine.

Personal connection to the picture

Cats and dogs are taking over almost all the media tools and the reason to that is simple; viewers have personal and emotional connection with the subject of the picture. Whether the viewer had cat as a boy or or used to view them in the street, cats always make him / her happy. I do not recommend photographing cats just because they are popular now, but just take it into account; object that faces the public with a broad common denominator - always win sympathy.

Of course, beyond the viewer's personal connection, it is important to bring your personal connection to the image as well. Try to take pictures of thing that makes you happy, it is noticed.

Always have your camera!

Make room for the camera in you bag and take it with you everywhere. Do not treat it as extra weight. Once the camera become like on of your organs it would be easier for you to photograph. One fine day you would be amazed that you understand it and it is taking the exact picture you want. Harmony.

Now all that remains is to find some free time, pick up your camera and go take some pictures. Next time you will display a picture you are guaranteed "Wow!" Or at least "How beautiful!" And not just another "nice .. mm".

The first part of this article: "How to take a good & interesting picture".

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