How To Find Referrals That Will Actually Earn You Money!

You have a referral? Great! Is he making you money? The answer is probably "No". This article will explain how to find referrals that will earn you money!


Most people want to find referrals so they can "earn passively fast" or "earn money without working". Well I am sorry to disappoint them, but it does not work like that! Finding referrals is hard, and if this is not bad enough then most of your referrals will earn you nothing since they will quite very fast. Therefore, the change to actually get a referral that earns you money for a long time

is extremely low!

I get a lot of questions about "How to find referrals". Yet, as I explain in a different article I wrote, and as you can understand from the beginning of this article. This is the WRONG questions. The right question is "how do I get referrals that will earn me money?".

So how do you find referrals that will earn you money?

The answer is quite simple. However, actually doing it is not that simple! The answer is that you need to find the right people. You need to think hard what do people that stick with the program you are marketing have, and what do they need in order to be successful in it. Now, you need to search for those people.

An example: in order to stick with expertscolumn and be a successful writer, you need to have a passion for writing. So when I search referrals for expertscolumn I search for them in places I know that there are people that like to read and write. I blend with them; get to know them and their desires. Now, I hand pick the ones that I think will make good writers and will be interested in it and offer them to become part of expertscolumn community. Some refuse, some register without using my referral link (after all it is their right). Yet, I earn some referrals I personally believe in, and they have a higher change to become successful writers.

Once you already have a referral it is extremely important to support him as much as possible. First, since the beginning is the hardest and you

do not want him to quite. And second since his success is your success! Therefore, the moment I discover I have a new referral, I immediately contact him and offer him my help in whatever I can.

In addition, I also like to use my promoting tools and ways in order to promote my referrals' work (i.e. articles) as well. After all as I already said – their success is mine. Also I would like to hope that once they will developed their own promoting tools they will be willing to return a favor and exchange promoting tips and tools.

True, hand picking a referral and personally supporting each one of them till they stand for themselves means you are only having a small number of referrals. Yet, I prefer having a small and productive group than a lot of unfruitful referrals.

Of course the fact I use this "hand picking" method does not mean I give up on chances to use every available option to invite people to become my referrals in whatever program they wish. In addition, it is clear that I will personally support each of my referrals no matter how he became my referral. So if you are interested in becoming an online writer, feel free to register to expertscolumn using my referral link:

Once you are registered under my name I will contact you and will do my best to assist you in your quest of becoming an online writer and to earn some money out of it.

Good luck in your quest to find good and earning referrals.


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