Happy New Year 5773

Yes, I am aware of the fact that right now we are in September 2012. Yet, today is the last day of year 5772!

I am sure you all know the Christen date right now is 16th of September 2012. In the same time there are other calendars aside of the Christen one. As a Jew I am working according to the Jewish one.

According to the Jewish calendar today, 16th of September 2012, is actually 30th of Elol – the last month of the year 5772. And once this day will end at 18:12 according to GMT+2 (Jerusalem time), it will

become 1st of Thisrei (the first month of the year) 5773!

The first day of the year is called “Rosh Ha-Shanah” which means the head of the year – an expression in Hebrew that means – the first of the year.

According to the Jewish belief this

day is the sixth day to the creating of the world by G-d. The reason why the Jewish celebrate the 6th day rather than the 1st is because the sixth day to the creation is the day when G-d created man and gave the world a meaning.

Since those are important holidays they are celebrated with the family and there are many rules and regulation about how to celebrate them. The main rule is: no work is allowed. So I will not be online during the next 2 days (the time of the holiday).

I will take this opportunity to wish you all a happy year, or as we Jewish like to say: may your year be as sweet as honey!

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