Getting Divorced? You Will Pay More On Your Insurance!

You and your spouse decided to split? You need to reorganize your entire life. People look at you differently and if you have kids, this can be very problematic. Yet, if you thought it ends there just wait till you will try to renew your insurance!

Divorces people pay more on insurance. Yes, that was not a mistake – if you are divorced the insurance company will ask you for more money than they will ask from a single or marriage person for the same car insurance policy. I myself was shocked to hear about it from my divorced friend this

week. Why divorced people need to pay more? Well this is a very good question!

If you will ask the insurance companies they will claims that they are not charging more from divorced people, they just give discount to marriage and singles people. The reason they do that is because according to statistics they hold divorced people tend to do more car accidents than non-divorced people.

I could write a full article just about this interesting fact alone. Yet, I would like to stick with this subject. Since those statistics, true or false, still do not change the law!

The law clearly states that it is prohibited to discriminant someone just because of his state. And have no mistake here, the insurance companies might say it is a discount for the rest, but in reality charging more from divorced people is a discrimination against them.

Why are insurance companies breaking the law? I guess the short answer is because they can. Nobody ever even said anything about it. Despite the fact it is illegal (discrimination with no good reason) no-one complained about it! Not a single (actually I need to say divorced) person even filled charges or a lawsuit against them.

It turns out that most divorced people do not noticed it or are too busy with other stuffs, and the insurance companies are taking advantage over it. Well enough is enough! I think it is time that insurance companies will learn they can no longer do as they wish. I hope all divorced people (and G-d knows there are enough of those) will start a protest about it, and will fix this wrong once and for all.

Article Written By Ixodoi

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