The Funniest Call To The Police: "he Sold Me Sugar Instead Of Drugs"

A woman who wanted to buy drugs find out she pay 40$ for sugar. She got upset and decided to file a complained against the dealer.

I must start by saying this is one of the funnier, if not funniest stories I have ever heard. I guess that it is true that anger can cause people behave illogically. On the other hand we are talking about drugs here, so I guess logic was not the strongest side to begin with. So this is the story:

All that Susan Bassam from Missouri wanted was to buy some drugs to "feel high" - and

forget about her troubles. However, after she had bought the cocaine in Springfield, she noticed that the drug dealer cheated her and sold her sugar!

If the story would have ended here, we would never even know about it, and it would have being just one of those small one criminal cheat another story.

However, Susan decided she is not going to put out with it.

She paid $40 for sugar (!) and she did not agree to let is pass in silence and called the police. The deceived client's anger did not impress the police, who arrested her for possession of drugs among her possessions. According to the police report, the 47-year-old Susan Bassam demanded the policemen to approach the drug dealer's apartment and arrest him - and then give her back her money.

The newspaper "Springfield News Leader" reported that when the police arrived at the address given to them by Susan Bassam, the residents of the place denied that they sell drugs. In another newspaper it was reported that Sussan Bassam has been arrested for drug possession in the past.


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