He Delights In You: Devotion For Tuesday November 6, 2012

He Delights in You: Devotion for Tuesday November 6, 2012

Text: Isaiah 62: 4 – Never again will you be called the Forsaken City or Desolate Land. Your new name will be the city of God’s delight and the bride of God for the Lord delights in you and will claim you as His own (New Living Translation).

Names are mark of recognition. However some names are derogatory. It is even worse when you are given name due to evil that have befallen you like Jabez. Elimelech and Naomi gave their children names that denote weakness and sickness. May be that led

to their untimely death. Are you bearing any derogatory name, it is my prayer that God will change it today in Jesus name.

In our text, Isaiah prophesied that a time will come when God would be delighted and proud of His people Israel. He fulfilled this at the death of Jesus where He reconciled us unto God. Consider from the time of Adam until date efforts God made to save you and bless you. It culminated in sending His son to die for us. Why did He go through such to save man? Is it not possible to have

forgotten us? However He still delights in us.

Beloved, sin hides God’s face and favour from us (Isaiah 59: 1 – 2). Israelites’ sin attracted God’s anger and punishment (Isaiah 59). When God removed His face and favour from them, they became a reproach to other nations who despise them and call them names like Forsaken City and Desolate Land. Nevertheless, God whose compassion and mercies never fail (Lamentation 3: 22), who delights on His own said that name will change.

Are you suffering because of sin or what you did not even do and people are now taunting you, calling you names? Do not despair. God still delights in you. He will arise for you. That name people are now calling you will change. His love, mercies and favour are there for you.

Food for Thought: He changed Jacob (a supplanter) to Israel (the prevailed). Can He not change your own too?

Prayer Points:
1. Ask God to change that derogatory name people call you
2. Pray the favour of God will not depart from you.


Article Written By Ixodoi

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