Fighting For His Life: A Baby Born With Six Legs

Doctors in Pakistan are fighting for the life of a week-old baby. Director of National Institute of Child Health in the country: "It is not one baby they are two".

Doctors in Pakistan are fighting for several days to save the life of a baby born with six legs due to rare genetic defect. The baby was born in Sukkur, and was transfered to Karachi to receive advanced medical treatment.

Jamal Raza, the director of the National Institute of the Child Health in Karachi, told the reporters that the child was born a week ago to the wife of an X-ray technician.

"It is not one baby actually. They are two, one of them is premature," he said.

A doctor at the institute who did not wish to identify himself said that the extra limbs were the result of a genetic

defect which would affect only one in a million or more babies.

A statement from the local health department said that: "The doctors are examining the child and seeking for the best and necessary treatment to save the his life and ensure he lives a normal life".

Imran Shaikh, the baby's father said he is grateful that his son is being treated. "We are a poor family. I am thankful to the government for helping us treating our child".


The original article with the 6 legs baby picture can be found here.

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