False Pregnancy - When Your Brain Plays With Your Body

The feeling of morning sickness, your period gone, your chest grows and even your belly swelled, but even though you are sure you are pregnant - the tests show you do not. So why is this happening?

Many women who are trying to get pregnant are exposed to an interesting phenomenon: their periods are gone, their breasts swell, growing belly, they suffer from nausea and weight gain but surprisingly recognizable pregnancy tests reveal they were not pregnant at all. They have false symptoms of pregnancy and suffer from the phenomenon known as "false pregnancy", a rare and exceptional individual women suffer

from it worldwide.

False pregnancy is defined as a mental disorder known but rare, which usually happens to women who try hard to get pregnant but fail. These are women who reached menopause, are undergoing fertility treatment, suffer from multiple miscarriages and more. Sometimes these women are treated with psychiatric drugs, which may cause malfunctions or absence of the Menstrual cycle, which increases the belief that indeed they are pregnant.

The phenomenon of suffering from false symptoms of pregnancy is most common in women between the ages of 20 to 44 but can also occur at other ages.

According to experts

the psychological factors may also affect the body and so it happened that those women experience all these pregnant symptoms, except one "small" difference - in the end of the false pregnancy the woman, of course, will not give birth because there is no pregnancy.

When a woman experiences false pregnancy the mind of the woman believes that she really is pregnant which leads her body to release pregnancy hormones, causing typical pregnant symptoms such as swelling in the chest, nausea, weight gain, cessation of menstrual periods, swelling in the abdomen and there are women whose bodies even produces milk. When a woman having false pregnancy symptoms is visiting a gynecologist, he of course will not see an embryo, but he can come across an enlarged uterus and softened cervix.

There are rare cases where men might also experience false pregnancy, it can happen often from a sense of identification with their partner pregnant or who is trying to get pregnant. Men can also feel nausea, weight gain, back pain and more.

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