Facebook And Twitter? Thanks, But I Will Promote My Work Using Digg And Reddit!

As online writers in expertscolumn (or other writing communities) we try to promote our work as much as we can. We use every available tool, being a social network, social bookmarking site, or even using our social close environment.

When I just start to publish as an online writer I received a lot of advices from people how to promote my work on-line. Everyone told me I MUST use Facebook and Twitter since they are such powerful tools that allow you to reach many people and inform them about your work. Therefore, I used and am using them today as well.


as time goes by, I learn my own methods and ways to promote my work. And while Facebook and Twitter are efficient (they are, do not get me wrong). I found better ways.

I discovered that social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit (and others) are working much better for me, and for a much longer period of time! And while it might be that I am not using Twitter and

Facebook as much as I can, I truly believe that this is not the main cause for those differences.

In my opinion Facebook and Twitter are full of users who do not really read your posts / tweets (and this research is supporting my theory). Social bookmarking sites, on the other hand, are still very active communities. So I think the best solution will by to continue to use my main source of views (Reddit and Digg). However, I will not neglect Facebook and Twitter, since they still have their advantages.

If you want to use Digg and Reddit in order to promote your work efficiently, here are two guides that will help you in it:

- How to properly use Digg
- Using Reddit the right way!

Article Written By Ixodoi

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