Consequences Of Having A C-section

You had or are going to have a C-section? Well you better prefer yourself since it will have some long term consequences you need to know about.


In the past couple of years more and more women give birth to their children using a C-section. Some do it since they have to (a medical emergency) some since they prefer to (they schedule the date and time). However, no matter the reason – the consequences are still the same, and they better be aware of them!

Wrong beliefs regarding C-sections

First let us start from wrong beliefs. Women that had C-section are not limited

in the number of children they can have! The belief that once you had a C-section you will not be able to have any more children or you will be limited in the number of children you can have is completely wrong!

The second wrong belief about C-section is that once you had one of your children born using a C-section, there is no more natural birth for you, and you will be forces to have C-sections from now own. This is not correct! True, it is more risky for you to have a normal birth, and you better do it in the hospital with doctors to monitor everything just in case. Yet, it is much possible to have normal births after a C-section.

However, if you already had two C-section surgeries or more – no doctor will even give you the possibility of having a natural birth, since there is a great change that you will start bleeding.

Consequences of C-section

There are several consequences and results that each woman should be aware of:

  1. People sometimes neglect to understand that C-section is a surgery and just like all surgeries it holds greater risk than other procedures that does not demand injecting drugs into your system and cutting your body open. A surgery is a surgery
    – no matter how "easy" it is for the surgeon, it is still a trauma for your body.
  2. C-section is a surgery in the stomach. It is not like a hand / leg surgery that you just need to avoid moving this organ and you will not feel pain. The stomach move all the time: you eat, you coach, you laugh, you walk, you sit, you lay down – and it hurts! Unlike natural birth that the pain go aware a few days after the birth. In C-section it will hurt for couple of weeks if not more (although the pain will be reduced with time).
  3. After the surgery you are not allowed to carry heavy weight or lift it for several weeks. This is so the place of the surgery will remain close.
  4. You are not allowed to get pregnant about a year / year and a half after a C-section. Or you are risking that your womb will not be strong enough to carry the baby and he will be dropped out of the womb (what will kill the child, and probably you too).

Overall there is no reason to get panic. Many women are going through C-section and live on having happy lives with their children and having more children as well. However, it is important to be aware for the consequences and follow the rules and guidelines in order to maintain everyone health.

In addition, if you can avoid surgery – it is almost always a better choice.

Good luck and congratulation for your pregnancy.

Article Written By Ixodoi

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