Coca-cola And Pepsi Will Change Their Cola Formula Due To A Carcinogen Chemical

The beverage companies Coca-Cola and Pepsi will remove a potentially cancer chemical from the cola drinks: This was announced by the companies on Friday after several tests showed that the chemical found in the caramel-colored drink caused cancer in animals. According to the companies the change will not change the taste or the texture of the drinks, and the consumers would not notice it.

The companies said that they asked the manufacturer of the caramel color in the drink to change the manufacturing process in order for it to match the requirements of the State of California. The State of

California prohibits the marketing of products that including toxic chemicals that might be dangerous to the public.

The story began several months ago, when it was found that the drinks contain the chemical 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI). This chemical, which is used to create caramel-colored in beverages, found to cause the appearance of tumors in animals.

According to California law one shall not disclose the public, knowingly

or not knowingly, to a chemical known to be carcinogenic or toxic without a warning the public. The law states that if companies do not remove the material they will have to add a warning label on beverage packaging that the drink can cause cancer.

The two companies announced that they will begin removing the suspect chemical from the beverages provided in the State of California first, and then expand the production of drinks without the 4-MEI chemical to the rest of the world. Dr Pepper Company a cola rival manufacturer, said that the caramel color that it uses do not contain the cancer-causing chemical.

Conversely, Europe is not as existed about it as the United States. The European Food Safety Authority is convinced that the chemical in question is not dangerous and should not cause concern. Therefore, there is no justification to change the liquor.

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