Cheech, "the Oldest Dog In The World", Dies At The Age Of 26

When "Cheech" was born the Soviet Union still existed, Ronald Reagan was President and Freddie Mercury was still performing. "Guinness World Records" refused to register him in the absence of evidence, but for his owner he will always remain the world's oldest dog, and a loyal friend.

It was reported in the New - York Times that "Uncle Cheech", the probably oldest living dog in the world, has died. It is unclear whether he was 26, 24 or maybe 25 in the day he died, but veterinarians who treated him in recent years agreed that in terms of a

dog he was unusually old.
The poodle dog, also published as "Cheech", suffered from cancer in recent years, which recently spread to his body. Its owners, Frank Fvic and Janet Fohlovic, decided earlier this week to euthanize the animal. "We feel completely empty inside, the whole apartment is empty," said Fvic 38th year old to “New York Times". "This little boy, weighing 4.5 kilograms, was filling not only your apartment, but also your life."

Cheech's owner adopted him 24 years ago from an animal shelter, where no one could say if his age is between one and two years. When the owners tried in

2010 to record Cheech in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest dog, they found it difficult to come up with evidence such as pictures or drawings of veterinarians, and so he remains only a "contender". A Japanese dog that died last month in the age of 26, was defined officially as the oldest dog by Guinness world.

Just so we will understand the amount of time he spent in our world: When Cheech was born the Soviet Union still existed, Ronald Reagan was U.S. President and Freddie Mercury still preformed on the stages.

Along the entire last decade Cheech faced health problems. He suffered from cataracts, glaucoma and corneal touch, and gradually lost his sight and hearing. However, the New - York Times reports that in 2010 he took part in the owner's wedding in Croatia. But recently cancer spread in his body, and the owners decided to put him out of his misery. Yesterday they informed their friends about it, and Cheech - the old friend closed his eyes forever.

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