Changes I Will Really Appreciate On Expertscolumn

Do not get me wrong, I love expertscolumn and I find it to be one of the best (it not the best) site for online writers. However, nothing is perfect, and there are some minor things that I think that can make our lives better.

1. Add a global summery.

Right now for each article we can see the “Referring site” and the “Keywords”, and it is great. I really like it that I can see this data separately for each article on its own, and understand how different marketing tools or keywords affect my views.

However, it can also be nice to

be able to see a global summery of the referring site or keywords for all articles together. This way it is possible for us to see if there is one main source of views that prefers our articles (like the fact I discovered manually that India is one of my main source of views – link at the bottom).

2. Add a single article earning data.

This feature actually existed for couple of days and was great! We could see how much of our earning came from each article. However, it was removed really quickly, and was never returned.

I assume that this feature was too heavy for the servers, so I asked – please we want it back. If you can not support it completely at least support it in an offline matter. Meaning, we will not have this data updated online, but we will know that the data is correct to 2~3 days ago.

3. Add the possibility to see all data from the day you sign in.

Right now it is only possible to view data from 3 month ago. However, some

(well most) of us are here for more than 3 month, and I would like to be able to compare my state right now to the state I had before, or at least be able to see a summary of all the data regarding my account from the day I started writing for Expertscolumn.

4. Fix the “Add a Friend” option.

I do not know what is going on with it. It used to work fine, than you removed it when you upgraded your servers, and brought it back lately only so I can find out it is not working!

I have many friends on expertscolumn that I can not add as friends since this feature is not working. I will appreciate a fast fix on it.

5. Change the “links only at the bottom” rule.

I understand the logic behind it. Yet sometime it is getting really ridicules. An example: in this article in section 1 I mentioned a phenomenon I already published an article about, so it would have being logical to put a link to that article there. However, instead I am forced to write “link at the bottom” and put the link in the end of the article…

Thank you for taking the time to read it :) Please consider my suggestions.

A link to the article about Expertscolumn best source of views.


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