Best Traffic Source For Expertscolumn?

I am publishing my work for several months now, so I already know a tip or two on how to get more views. However, it does not matter how many views I will drive to my columns through my tips, there is one source of views that will always amaze me: India!

Yes, you got it right, this is not a mistake I said India. Today I decided it is time to check what my biggest source of non-reffered by myself readers on Expertscolumn is. After removing the obvious referral sites - the social bookmaking I use (Reddit and

Digg) which drive most of the traffic to my articles, it was clear to me I am going to find Google.

However, what amazed me was that the biggest source of non-directed by myself readers did not come from (i.e. mostly US), but from (India). This means

that most people that get to my work by themselves are from India. In addition, most people that search for terms simialr to my keywords are from India! I find it very interesting, since I wonder why my articles are so interesting in India. Especially since my Triond articles barely get any views from India (most are from US or China and Canada).

So I guess the question is – it is only me, or do you also encounter the same phenomenon? Is India the new main source of viewers of Expertscolumn? Or was I lucky enough to write columns that they liked?

(I even wrote a full article about it).

Article Written By Ixodoi

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