Australia: 48-year-old Mother Of 12 Children Gave Birth To 5 Babies

A Historical birth in Melbourne: A Mom to 12 gave birth to 5 babies, only four survived. While the pregnancy was conceived naturally, the birth was with a Caesarean section. A team of experts followed the birth, and now the mother and children are hospitalized in good condition.

A 48 year old woman from Melbourne, Australia, a mother of 12 children, gave birth on Thursday to 5 babies conceived naturally. The five, two boys and three girls, were born by a Caesarean section. Tragically, one of the girls died in the womb before the birth took place.

More than 30 medical experts

participated in the quintet birth, including pediatricians, anesthesiologists and nurses. This is the first quintet birth in Melbourne in the last thirty years.

The chances to conceive 5 babies at one pregnancy naturally are only one to 55,000,000 pregnancies!

Spokeswoman for Melbourne's Monash Medical Centre said the mother is in good condition, and that the survivors four babies are getting an around the clock care in the hospital neonatal intensive care unit.

According to a local TV channel

the family, now numbering 16 children, tries to conceal its identity, and it is among the largest families in Victoria, Australia. Latest quintet was born there in 1980, 11 weeks before the due date. None of the babies has survived.

Last year, 32-year-old Jenny Masha from Arizona gave birth to six babies, three boys and three girls, whom she became pregnant after years of infertility treatments. In a rare step the doctors decided not to remove some of the embryos, and treated it with medication to prevent premature uterine contractions.

Jenny was fed with a special diet that included 5,000 calories per day to meet the needs of the six embryos in her womb. All but one of the newborn were born weighting 1.4 kilos.

Another famous mother is of course Nadya Suleman from the United States. Mother of six children who gave birth in January 2009 to eight infants after in vitro fertilization - IVF, and has become a mother of 14 children.

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