Are You Excited About The New Iphone 5?

Few days ago Apple announced the released of the new IPhone, its sixth smarthphone – IPhone 5. However, the buzz around this device started long before the formal announcement.

Apple is a very successful company. It makes a lot of beautiful products, there is an argument about how useful its devices are, but there is no doubt that it is an initiative company that leads the market, leaving only dust for its competitors to follow.

However, a lot of Apple success is not due to its great product development, rather due to “Apple addictive”. Some people are just addictive to apple. They

will buy every new product that this company releases even if it almost identical to its previous version that they already hold.

Some people claim this phenomenon is due to the esthetical appearance of Apple’s products, like the Mac, IPod and IPhone. Other claim it was due to Apple’s late CEO Jobs and his personality. Those people claim that as Jobs pass away Apple popularity

will decrease. They might be right, however, if we look at how people reacted to the release on IPhone 5 – a standard upgrade of a well know device, it seems that for now, they are wrong.

So was the buzz justified? Is IPhone 5 really a great new product worth buying the moment it hits the market? From what I see the answer depends on the person. The new IPhone 5 has some nice new features that most Apple geeks will be happy with, but they are not a must for the ordinary users. Therefore, the real question is: Are you an Apple geek that can afford the new IPhone? If the answer is yes, then you will probably buy it.

Follow this link for a full review on the new IPhone 5 and its new features.

Article Written By Ixodoi

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