4 Tips On How To Increase Your Views

So you are a writer? Congratulation! We all like to write and share our work with the world. However, if we want our work to be acknowledged, it must be seen by as many people as possible.

Here are 4 tips on how to increase your views and achieve better exposure to your work.

1) "Hot content".

Many people will advice to write articles about content that in currently on the news. I do not agree. This content is good for a short time, later it is forgotten. The best "hot content" is a content that is always relevant and will be

googled a lot. Of course such a subject is difficult to come across, especially since we do not want to see / write articles about sex / porno or about how to crack / find serial of computer games. My best advice is - think about the content you consistently search for - and write about it. Also, good "How to" guides are always in high demand.

2) Links on forums - Backlinks.

We are all active in several forums; use it to create some backlinks. I got over 100 views in less then 2 hours just by promoting my article about nutrition

during pregnancy in a pregnancy and birth forum.

3) Write many articles and link them one to the other.

This is purely statistical. The more articles you have, the bigger the change someone will find one of them. And if the article is linked to other articles - you increase the change that this person will read more of your articles.

4) Emails list.

First a warning: do not be a spamer - no one like them. However, there is no harm in sending your friends some of the articles you know tPublish, Publishing, View, get more views, hot content, backlinks, links network, email listshey will like. I noticed it is a great way to increase views to your poetry writing (which usually get only few views). I email a link to my poetry class - and most of them watch it.

And like I mention in the 3rd point: Here is a link to my nutrition during pregnancy article mentions in the 2nd point.

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