10 Early Signs Of Dementia

Dementia is a syndrome manifested in the gradual process of thinking, due to organic disease of the brain. Symptoms include different levels of impairments in memory, losing sense of direction and changes in behavior and personality of the person. The mental and behavioral changes may affect the daily functioning, and the primary indicators are usually depression, anxiety and even psychosis.

International Association of Alzheimer’s disease determined 10 Warning Signs for the start of dementia.

1. Experiential memory decline. Mostly short term memory.

2. Difficulty in planning and problem solving activities, such as cooking according to recipes or driving from one place

to the other.

3. Difficulty in completing tasks. (Difficulties that did not existed earlier).

4. Confusion about time, state or place.

5. Difficulty interpreting visual and auditory information and having problem with spatial orientation.

6. Difficulty speaking or writing. They will get

stuck in the middle of the sentence without knowing how to continue.

7. Forgetting objects in unusual places. They mostly lose valuable objects that they can not find later, which lead them to blame other for theft.

8. Decreased ability to jurisdiction and functioning. This usually makes them an easy target to telemarketing companies.

9. Quitting the job, and abandonment of social contacts and hobbies.

10. Changes in mood and personality. Usually suffer from paranoia, depression and anxiety.

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